One nested dojo TabContainer with adjustable height.


Note: there is no nested TabContainer.
with this approach I can use only one Tab with nested TabContainer.
See solution in the 'Workaround' Tab, Need improvement section.

This issue is a continuation of the "The dojo.layout.TabContainer with dynamically adjustable height of each Tab" subject. You should read it before in order to understand this problem (link).

There is no problem for the modern browsers, but as usually, who would to think, IE6 breaks whole picture.
In order that this idea works properly I have to use doLayout="false" for the parent Tab Container. That is exactly what IE6 doesn't 'want to eat'. (Dojo promised compatibility for their functionality by default). And I'm forced to work around of this problem.

The idea is absolutely the same as in the first case (link):
to put for the parent TabContainer doLayout="false", and use an initialization function to reset this value for "true" for IE6 only. Additionally, to predefine the height of the parent TabContainer for IE6.

Now my initialization call shold looks as next:


where the id is an ID of the parent TabContainer, and the height is a height of the parent TabContainer. If the height is omitted - the default value is 400px.

With this approach, as minimum the modern browsers work as desired, and IE6 works in the default dojo behavior for the TabContainer.

Need improvement: if you need to use a nested TabContainer inside of the several parent Tabs you have to redesign the functionality of the adjustTabContainer.js file as a javascript object, in order to be able to use several instances of it.