Life without "tundra", Part 2 (2)

I reread the Dojo inline documentation, A.Russell "Dojo The Definitive Guide", and the "Mastering Dojo" in order to find some advice for creating my own theme. All that I've found is just 'hacks'. Only one real sentence from "Dojo Mastering" book: "Although we don't normally recommend copy and paste, in this case it makes good sense to copy an established Dijit theme to one of your own and then modify it."

"Copy and paste" what? The tundra.css file with 300 statements? I use the only one TabContainer widget in my application. Maybe there is an easier way?
Yes, I have found it. Inside of the themes/tundra/layout directory there is TabContainer.css file. It contains 42 css statements for formating the TabContainer widget, and all of them are duplicated css statements of the tundra.css file. (The tundra.css file has 57 statements for the TabContainer, but after analyzing I understood that the rest of - 15 statements are related to RighToLeft layouts that I do not support in my application).
For my application I need only 10-15 of these statements. But the decision - which of them is a big job.

1. I copied the themes/tundra/layout/TabContainer.css into my dojo_widgets.css file between these two lines:
  /*********  TabContainer **********/
  /******** End TabContainer ********/
2. I removed all .tundra words. (See details).
3. I copied 6 images (that are needed for the rendering of a TabContainer) into my images directory, and changed the color pallete with PhotoShop.
4.Changed the paths for images in dojo_widget.css file.
5.Changed the values of the background and the font colors for my own colors.

Suppose my own color pallete is like this:

Tab 1 content
Tab 2 content

One more line in the dojo_widgets.css file:

	.dijitTabContainer { background:#F0E68C; color:#4F4F2F;}
and small correction. That is it!
Now I can easily do something like that.

Dojo has a very nice feature for detecting the user's browser and adds one of more of the following classes to the outermost <html> elements:
	dj_ie, dj_ie6, dj_ie7, 
Probably the same idea Dojo applied to 'theme'.
In the first case it is a great feature.
In the second one it is a designer mistake.
It can be used just in cases where you want to use several dojo themes together (for a demo). In the real application the
<body class="tundra|nihilo|soria"> statement and the theme's name in each compound statements in any of the cheme.css file are useless, and even are harmful things (it is my opinion: Anatoliy).