Life without "tundra", Part 1.

The only part of my application, that is not under my css control is a part that contains the Dojo Widgets.
It is necessary to include one of the Dojo css files that defines the Dojo theme or my Dojo Widgets will not appear to have any styling. Tundra is the default theme in Dojo.
So do all websites that use Dojo have to use Tundra?

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What is wrong with dojo "tundra" style? Nothing!

It is a great way to represent the dojo widgets inside of an web application even without thinking about a styling at all.

Do I need any of the dojo theme? What if the color pallete of my application is like this?

And even the very soft and neutral colors of the "tundra" are strange with my own color pallete?

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One of the best parts of Dojo is the functionality offered by the included widgets. But should I have to adapt my application to fit the idiosyncrasies of Dojo just to take advantage of these widgets?

How to adapt the Dojo Widgets to my own theme without conflicts?

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