Problem with the dojo CSS design.


    <input type=text" name="date1" value="2009-02-20" 
        dojoType="dijit.form.DateTextBox" />
    <div class="tundra">
        <input type=text" name="date2" value="2009-02-20" 
            dojoType="dijit.form.DateTextBox" />

no "tundra" class:

div with class="tundra":

I included the "tundra.css" file into the HEAD, and my dijit.form.DateTextBox seams to use the "tundra" style, but if I click on this DateTextBox I see that the Calendar has no "tundra" style.
This problem occurred because by default all dojo pop-ups are appended to the BODY.

To solve this problem I copy the dojo tundra/Calendar.css file into my css location, and removed all references to the "tundra" from it.
(Just for the demo I include this css file dynamically, you can see this process with Firebug).
Sorry. For the demo of this problem I did do same with the images.

It is not the only problem with the dojo CSS design.

The book "Learning Dojo" written by Peter Svensson, the page 78 contains next sentence about dojo css design:
"... It a bit odd to use themes this way."
Probably, if the author write a book "Learning jQuery|Prototype|MooTools|Ext..." - his opinion about the Dojo CSS design whould be more stronger.